As you go through your training and start building your business, you may have questions related to the training that you need help with. 

Utilize the Facebook Group, where members like yourself are actively using the training, to mastermind with other members. 

This is where Keala and our other Fullstaq trainers  interact with our members and answer Skillset related questions. 

Prior to creating a new post, utilize the search feature as your question may have already been answered prior. If it has, you will see the previous dialogue and possible answers attached to that subject. 

To search the group:

Please log in to the Fullstaq Community Group. Next, click on the magnifying glass to the right. You will then be able to type in your question and search. 

If you don't find any relevant posts/topics related to your question, proceed to creating a post.

To Post a Question:

Our team monitors all posts in the group to ensure that the group retains it's value for our members.

Therefore, the team has come up with requirements (The Executive Communication format) all posts seeking assistance must meet in order to be approved.

Following the "Executive Communication" guidelines will allow you to get your question answered in faster, more efficient manner. 

The goal is to make sure that your question is clear enough that our members can understand what problems you are facing and solution you are seeking.

Here is the format to follow that meets these requirements and will allow your post to be approved. 

Executive Communication for Posting Training Related Questions:

  1. What course are you in? 

  2. What module and lesson are you in? 

  3. What problem are you encountering? (Clearly define the problem you are having and explain what you are trying to achieve)

  4. What steps have you taken to troubleshoot this issue? (This allows for us to respond with suggestions you have not already tried)

  5. Include a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing if applicable. (If you do not know how to take a screenshot, please use Google to find out how to take a screenshot for your specific computer)

Example of a post using the Executive Communication format:

"Hey Everyone! I was hoping for some guidance here. I am going through the Affiliate funnel training Module 1 Lesson 7 and cant seem to get this.

I am trying to set up my ClickFunnels plugin correctly, but it won't seem to log me in to that plugin. 

Every time I type in my email and put in my Authentication token, I get the Error "Failed API Connection with ClickFunnels."

I have already made sure that I have the right token from clickfunnels and tried logging in through a different email, but it still is not working. 

How may I log in to this plugin if my token is correct and I have tried different emails?

Thank you very much!"

Thank you for utilizing "Executive Communication" as we do our best to provide you with solutions!

If you are not a member of our Facebook community yet, click this link and request to join!

We look forward to your interactions in the group!

Thank You, 

The Fullstaq Team