Zero Chase Media is a traffic service provider that Fullstaq Marketer has partnered with that helps Fullstaq members obtain traffic/clicks from a reputable source. 

Using "Endorsed Email Marketing", Zero Chase Media will be running traffic to your link via a trusted traffic source that has built a list of people who are interested in making money online. 

Payments are made via a monthly subscription.  

When purchasing traffic, you will need to provide:

  • Your optin link (the URL which ZCM will send traffic to)
  • Your payment package & payment method

ZCM will then take care of all the heavy lifting on finding and vetting traffic which then leaves you the ability to focus on simply emailing your leads/subscribers. 

This is essential to building trust with your subscribers for long-term success. 

Email Endorsed Marketing through Zero Chase Media is a great alternative to Facebook Ads, especially since many marketers are having trouble with the platform due to constantly changing algorithms and policies. 

You can learn more about Zero Chase Media and order traffic by clicking on the link below:  

Thank You,

The Fullstaq Team