The link you provide varies depending on your progress in the training. 

If you are fresh from the BLC and have a working funnel: 

You may submit the same link you used when you submitted your link during the BLC. Instructions on what link to use during the BLC is provided in PDF Breakout session 1, Step 3. 

It should be in this format: 


Note: Do not include the www.

If you are a Fullstaq member and have gone through the Affiliate Funnel Training:

You will submit your Optin Page tracking link that you have created. 

Please refer to Module 3, Lesson 5 in the Affiliate Funnel Training for reference on the tracking link you have created for your Optin Page. You may skip to minute 3:09 of the video on that portion. 

In the video, you will learn how to test the tracking link for your Optin page. We have highlighted the actual link you will be providing to Zero Chase Media via the image below:

No matter what route you take, make sure that the link you submit to Zero Chase Media sends you to the your Optin page (the page where people can enter in their email addresses) that way you can capture them as leads!

You can learn more about Zero Chase Media and order traffic by clicking this link:

Thank You,
The Fullstaq Team