This is entirely up to you and depends on what you are promoting. 

If you decide to promote another offer other than Fullstaq Marketer, you will need to create a separate email list in Getresponse, because it will not make sense to be sending them Fullstaq - related emails if, lets say, you are promoting a product on gardening. 

If you are promoting the same Fullstaq product via different mediums (example, Zero Chase Media and Instagram), then it is up to you on whether or not you would like to put them into one list (where they all receive the same autoresponders) or not. This will depend on the messaging you are sending to these subscribers. Just make sure you maintain consistency in your messaging to prevent confusion to your subscribers.  

For more information and FAQ’s around the Business Launch Challenge please see this document below: 

Click Here for the BLC Checklist and FAQ 

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The Fullstaq Team