What you chose to email your list on is entirely up to you!

Below are some topics you may want to include in your emails:

-Things you are learning while reading/listening to audio that you can share

-Testimonials of Fullstaq Members who post wins in the community group. 

-Advice on Internet Marketing/Personal development that you are learning along the way

For additional ideas on what to write to your lists, please reference the Fullstaq Community Facebook group for assistance. 

Additionally, we recommend you walk through Copywriting Career Pathways and Conversion labs to assist you with your language skills and copywriting skills!

For more information on how to purchase Copywriting Career Pathways and Conversion Labs please email support@fullstaqmarketer.com 

If you are an Elite member you have exclusive access to our Copywriting Career Pathway course, and access to our Elite Masterclass Webinars where you will go over copywriting techniques on a monthly basis to help sharpen your copywriting skills.  For more information about joining us at the Elite level please email us support@fullstaqmarketer.com

Thank you,

The Fullstaq Team