If you are trying to move a lead or subscriber from one list to another in GetResponse, you will first need to log in to your GetResponse account and ensure that you create a new email list if you have not done so already. 

To do so, 

On the pop-up, give your list a name, according to what its function is. 

For example: you may create a list titled,


...for those who have registered for the BLC. 

Now that you have a new list created, here are the steps to move your contact over. 

                    c. In the "Search by name or email" field, type in the name or email address                             of the client you are looking for. 

             g. A new box opens up called "Move to list." Click on the down arrow and select                   your new email list you create.  ex: yourname_web_reg


             i. Your subscriber has now been moved to your preferred list.


Thank You, 

The Fullstaq Team