After you purchase traffic from Zero Chase Media, they do a courtesy check to make sure your link is working properly before sending traffic to it. 

This saves you money in case your links are broken without your knowledge and traffic isn't being wasted.

To check your link, ZCM asks that you
 please opt in to your funnel with an email address and search for this email in your GetResponse optin list that you created.

Note: When we say opt in to your funnel, we mean to actually enter your email address into the very same page where you want your leads to enter theirs. 

If this works and you are able to see your test email in your GetResponse optin list, please notify ZCM that you were able to successfully opt in to your own funnel and it works to resume traffic. 

We encourage you to repeat this process 2-3 times with a couple of different email addresses to ensure you are seeing your "test" email leads in your GetResponse list.

If, however, you do not see your test emails in your list, we encourage you to go back through the Affiliate Funnel Training (or PDFs from the BLC) and double check you've followed the instructions properly to ensure that your funnel is properly connected. 

For additional questions around this please utilize the Fullstaq Marketer Facebook Community Group for assistance. 

Thank you,

The Fullstaq Team